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In terms of quality wood, Sheesham is one wood variety that comes closest if ever a comparison be done with those of teak or mahogany. The best part of Sheesham furniture is its characteristic of grain-like lines that provides a rich and distinct look when carved into pieces. That apart, this Indian rosewood ropes in good strength and durability thus making this hardwood a good option in the manufacture of furniture. It can also easily be patched up whenever the need arises. When it comes to affordability, here again Sheesham wins over as prices are lesser compared to other heavy timbers.

Original Roots

You can take your pick from the varieties seen in the jali range, the cube range or the solid wood range of sheesham. This wood finds its origins from the

Northern part of India as well as Central India and owing to easy carving and engraving; it has sought a notch in marketability. The trees are said to attain heights approximating 60 feet with a growth period spanning from 18 years to 22 years.

Finishing With Waxing

Once the process of carving or manufacturing Sheesham Wood into household or office décor items is over with, it is usually subjected to a process of waxing. This is implemented for an overall finish. In cases where this waxing is not done, the item looks rustic and raw which again is an attractive option for many customers who find the rawness complimenting their home décor theme in a positive way.